Welcome to the social groupsite for KTM-XBOW owners and fans

This site has been set up as a meeting place to provide owners and fans of the  KTM-XBOW with a place to discuss related topics, coordinate socials & events in the spirit of building a shared community

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way to KTM AG or any of its subsiduaries

The information posted on this site is unless specifically declared otherwise, that posted by individuals as part of a public social group and representative of their own personal views and not that of any company. Any person posting on this groupsite subscribes to the spirit of rules as outlined in 'Rules' section

Special Note - Rule 4.7: Items for sale should only be posted to Classifieds. An entry in Classifieds must be for personal use only. Any threads created in any forum bar classifieds specifically to promote items for commercial sale are not permitted. 


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